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Institute of Agricultural Information and Economics holds Demonstration Base Tour and Technical Training on Modern Ecological Leisure Agriculture in Taihang Mountain Area
Author:Chen Yan   Approver:Sun Fengguo   Releaser:Jia Peiwen   Time:2019/06/12 09:57:12   Source:International Cooperation Division

In order to deepen innovation and service of science and technology, further accelerate the demonstration base construction of modern ecological leisure agriculture and enhance the innovation capability of the technicians in the demonstration park, the Institute of Agricultural Information and Economics held a demonstration base tour and technical training on modern ecological leisure Agriculture for Taihang Mountain areas at Baiquan ecological park demonstration base in Yixian county on May 30-31 of 2019. More than 60 people attended the activities, including the expert team members, representatives from Yixian Agricultural Bureau, technicians of Baiquan ecological park and participants from related enterprises.
      Experts and business representatives visited the production field of watermelon, muskmelon, moringa and chrysanthemum that were demonstrated by the Institute of Agricultural Information and Economics and toured the Luhe landscape belt, the mountain area and the ecological restaurant. At the training meeting, Prof. Ge Chaohong gave a lecture on the status, value and plant management technology of Moringa with the title of “Moringa - Diamond in Plants and Tree of Life”. Prof. Niu Xiting, Vice-director of the institute, made a special presentation on “leisure agriculture and rural tourism”. She illustrated the existing problems, development requirements and future countermeasures of leisure tourism agriculture, combined with the rural revitalization strategy and typical cases of leisure agriculture. On the training site, the trainees and experts interacted actively and reached preliminary intention of guidance to other demonstration sites of its type.
      This activity, with lectures and on-site observation experience, combined training of new industrial technology with modern agricultural extension and provided a good reference for the development of modern ecological leisure agriculture.

Key words:Taihang Mountain, Modern ecological leisure agriculture, Training