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The Institute of Agricultural Resources and Environment
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The Institute of Agricultural Resources and Environment, formerly known as the Institute of Soils and Fertilizers, is a provincial non-profit research institute renamed in 2002 after the restructuring of the science and technology system in Hebei province. 4 departments are set up, focus on the areas of plant nutrition, fertilization innovation, agricultural environment and grassland ecology. The institute has constructed the experimental station for the National Technical System of Grass Industry and the Engineering Technique Center of Fertilizers of Hebei province. At present, the institute has established a series of demonstration bases for academic research and technical services in piedmont plain, low plain, costal plain and shallow hilly region of Hebei province.
      By the end of 2014, the Institute of Agricultural Resources and Environment has a total of 46 staff members, including 34 academic researchers and 24 professors or associate professors. The experimental field covers a total area of about 16 hectares, the laboratories provide near-prefect condition for testing macro-nutrients and micro-nutrients and heavy metal elements in soil, fertilizer and plant samples.
      Since the institute’s foundation, it has played an important role in lots of national level research works, including the 1st and 2nd National Soil Survey, the National Fertilizeation Effects Monitoring Network, the National Micro-element fertilizers Cooperation Network, etc. It had also taken part in a large number of researches and technical services on the Science and Technology Engineering Project for Grain Bumper Harvest, highly efficient elements and organic materials application in Hebei province, high yield construction and low-yield field improvement, soil pollution survey, agro-geological survey, non-point source pollution prevention and control, herbage cultivars selection and breeding, highly efficient herbage production and utilization.

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