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Institute of Coastal Agriculture
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Institute of Coastal Agriculture, Hebei Academy of Agriculture and Forestry Sciences was formerly known as Hebei Institute of Agricultural Reclamation Research or Hebei Institute of Rice Culture. Founded in 1956, it is under the administration of Hebei Academy of Agriculture and Forestry Sciences. As the only institution of coastal agriculture in Hebei, it undertakes the breeding, introduction and selection of coastal crop varieties such as rice, halophyte and salt-tolerant plant, saline-alkali land and water resource development and utilization as well as reclamation development related scientific research and technical services, and provides scientific and technical support to the development of coastal agriculture and reclamation economy in Hebei.
      Institute of Coastal Agriculture Research has 61 employees, including 11 researchers, 10 associate researchers, 1 province-level expert of prominent contribution, 2 doctors and 8 postgraduates, 1915-mu land and fixed assets of RMB 14.46 million yuan. Disciplines covered include rice breeding and cultivation technology, saline-alkali land improvement and utilization, salt-tolerant green seedling and solonchak greening project. A large number of scientific achievements have been made. Awarded achievements have mounted 91 pieces (39 of which are provincial and ministerial), more than 50 of which have been promoted and applied in production. 31 rice breeding varieties have been approved in Hebei, 5 of which including Kenyu-12, Jinsui-8, Jinsui-9 and Kendao-2016 have obtained national approved due to the wide adaptability, high yield and high resistance.
      With the expanding scope of research and service, the leadership will, based on our own strengths and geographical advantages, focus on the construction of Caofeidian Industrial Zone and rising Bohai Economic Rim, keep pace with the times and scientific progress, lead the staff to carry forward hardship-enduring spirit and the merit to dedicate, provide strong technical support for the development of “agriculture, rural area and farmers”, and strive to be an innovative, learning, harmonious and strong institution in economy and science on the footing of coastal ecological advantages, wetland protection, ecological maintenance as well as modern agriculture concepts.

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