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Institute of Genetics and Physiology (IGP)
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Institute of Genetics and Physiology (IGP) is a non-profit institute founded in 1984. It grew out of the former Institute of Agro-Physics, Physiology and Biochemistry. There are 60 staffs including 35 senior scientists. Two key laboratories seated in the institute, one is Agricultural Products Quality Safety Risk Assessment Laboratory(Shijiazhuang)under Ministry of Agriculture of China, the other is the provincial key laboratory named Plant Genetic Engineering Center. The institute is one of the supporting organizations on applied basic research for crop resistance to stresses, diseases and insects.
      The institute’s research activities focus on four fields includingplant genetic and molecular breeding, plant physiology and molecular biology, agricultural microorganism resources and utilization, and agricultural products quality and safety.
      The institute is implementing a number of projects, including key projects of national science and technology and national natural science foundation, and key task program of provincial science and technology, etc.
      In recent years, the institute obtained a series of research achievements, such as fast breeding technique system for five generations winter wheat per year; fast breeding technology for cotton and maize;a method of apical meristerm transformation for monocot and dicot plant via sufficient and micro wounding brush, which is simple and efficient, easy to perform, low cost, independent of genotypes, and conducive to biological safety; Signal transduction of cacium/ calmodulin pathway and new functional genes induced by heat.
      Since 1984, more than 800 papers, including 58 SCI articles, and 19 monograph publications were published. 35 pieces of national invention patent, 6 new varieties of winter wheat and cotton, and 4 kinds of microbial products were developed.
      The institute has established close cooperation relationship with the universities and scientific research institutions in United States, United Kingdom, Canada, the Netherlands, Korea, South Africa, Thailand, etc.

Based on the research achievements, IGP has been providing services to the farmers, including new varieties of winter wheat, cotton and edible fungus, high yield cultivation techniques, vegetables/orchard degenerated soil bioremediation products, fruit postharvest handling technology, agricultural products quality inspection, and isotope tracer testing, etc.
      Welcome to visit IGP and take collaboration on mutual benefits.
      Address: No. 598 Heping west road, Shijiazhuang city, Hebei Province, P. R. China, 050051
      Tel /fax: +86-311-87652119

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