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Vice-governor Shi Qingshuang comes to HAAFS for work investigation
Author:Li Xiaozhi   Approver:Sun Fengguo   Releaser:Jia Peiwen   Time:2019/05/06 17:16:28   Source:International Cooperation Division

On the morning of April 24, vice-governor of Hebei province Shi Qingshuang came to the academy for work investigation on agricultural science and technology innovation. He visited institute of fruit trees of Shijiazhuang and institute of vegetables and medicinal herbs, toured the strawberry research laboratory, pear improvement center, greenhouses for vegetable cultivation with reduced fertilizers and pesticides and protected tomato soilless cultivation, and held a working meeting.
      Shi Qingshuang spoke highly of the achievements obtained by the academy in various fields, specified that Hebei academy focused on four agricultures (S&T agriculture, green agriculture, brand agriculture and quality agriculture) and vigorously implemented the modern agricultural innovation project, developed a number of key and imperative technologies, constantly upgraded its ability of meeting the demands of high quality agriculture development of the whole province, steadily improved the effects of international exchange and cooperation, and strengthened Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei collaborative innovation. He stressed that the academy should play the leading role in the innovation of agricultural science and technology, and gave Hebei agriculture the wings of science and technology to let it fly. So, firstly adjust some research directions. Target to industry and market demand to carry out systematic research and developmental innovation in crop breeding, field management, food processing, storage and preservation; secondly, innovate scientific and technological service mode. Improve services for leading enterprises, professional cooperatives, family farms and other new business entities. Thirdly, strengthen talent team construction. Gave overall consideration of talents training for researchers, research assistants and management staff, accelerate the formation of a sound talent structure. Fourthly, improve innovation mechanism. Fully mobilize the enthusiasm and initiative of scientific and technological personnel, stimulate their vitality and release their potential of innovation.
      Zhang Tielong, president of Hebei academy, made work report on behalf of the academy leadership, proposed that this year the academy would take the agricultural innovation and green high quality development as the guidance, intensify innovation and upgrade service quality of science and technology. Strengthen overall self-improvement, establish a rational talent pool, strengthen international cooperation and help revitalizing the rural areas in Hebei.

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