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A Seminar on Molecular Mechanisms of High Yield and High Quality of Wheat was held in the Institute of Cereal and Oil Crops
Author:Zhang Yingjun   Approver:Sun Fengguo   Releaser:Jia Peiwen   Time:2019/04/28 14:31:36   Source:International Cooperation Division

In order to activate the academic atmosphere, promote academic exchanges and enhance the level of wheat research, the Institute of Cereal and Oil Crops, Hebei Academy of Agriculture and Forestry Sciences and Hebei Principal Laboratory of Crop Genetics and Breeding organized a seminar on Molecular Mechanisms of High Yield and High Quality of Wheat on April 15, 2019. Professor Wujun Ma from Murdoch University of Australia and Dr Yanchun Peng from Huazhong Agricultural University presented in the meeting at invitation and made wonderful academic reports.
      Professor Wujun Ma is also the director of the Australia-China Joint Research Centre for Wheat Improvement (ACCWI) and the editor of the journals of “Functional and Integrative Genomics”, “Crop Journal”, “Journal of Cereal Science”, “Molecular Breeding” and “PlosOne”. Dr. Yanchun Peng is mainly engaged in the discovery and identification of new glutenin subunits in common wheat and dicoccoides.
      On his report "Unravel the yield mechanism of 1B/1R wheat", Professor Wujun Ma deeply analyzed the molecular mechanism of wheat 1B/1R translocation line to increase yield. Dr. Yanchun Peng´s report entitled "Evolution of high molecular weight glutenin genes reveals that Triticum turgidum var. dicoccoides is a valuable gene reservoir for modern wheat improvement". He introduced the new high molecular weight glutenin subunites in dicoccoides wheat.
      Over 30 researchers listened to the reports and had lively discussions with the speakers. After the meeting, Professor Wujun Ma and Dr. Yanchun Peng visited the laboratories of wheat research accompanied by Mr. Hui Li, deputy director of the Institute of Cereal and Oil Crops.

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