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Experts of Plant Protection Institute provide technical training of cotton seeds treatment in Qiuxian County
Author:Li Xiaozhi   Approver:Sun Fengguo   Releaser:Jia Peiwen   Time:2018/04/18 10:04:53   Source:International Cooperation Division

On April 12 of 2018, 3 experts of Plant Protection Institute, headed by vice-director Pan Wenliang, went to Qiuxian County of Handan city providing training for cotton seeds treatment. This time of the year is the cotton planting season, and the seeds treatment is intended to prevent from diseases and pests damage on seedling stage. Deputy director of the county agricultural bureau Jiao Junxia accompanied during the activity.
Cotton diseases as soreshin blight, fusarium moniliforme, anthracnose, damping-off and fusarium wilt are major diseases during seedling stage, while aphids and thrips are major pests. These diseases and pests could seriously reduce the cotton yield. Prof. Li Yaofa introduced to the growers the method of using bacillus subtilis and imidacloprid mixture to treat the seeds. This method may reduce the input cost and the dosage of chemicals. It will also reduce the influence of chemical pesticides on natural enemies.
Then, Prof. Pan Wenliang, deputy director Jiao and others explained how to decide the sowing time according to air temperature and soil temperature. How to combine organic fertilizer and chemical fertilizer to improve soil fertility and protect soil ecology was explained as well.

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