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Vice president Wang Haibo attends the annual academic work summery meeting of the national key R&D project entitled technology and product development to control nitrogen and phosphorous leaching in major wheat and maize producing areas
Author:Li Xiaozhi   Approver:Sun Fengguo   Releaser:Jia Peiwen   Time:2019/01/18 14:47:58   Source:International Cooperation Division

For propelling the implementation of the project ‘technology and product development to control nitrogen and phosphorous leaching in major wheat and maize producing areas’, the research group organized 2018 work summary meeting from January 10 to 12 in Shijiazhuang, the project is affiliated to the national key R&D program ‘farmland non-point and heave metal contamination control and restoration technology and products development. Over 50 people presented in the meeting, including leaders from the Science and Technology Development Center of Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, Hebei Provincial Department of Science and Technology, Hebei Academy of Agriculture and Forestry Sciences, and experts who follow up and participate in the project.
On the meeting, vice president Wang Haibo gave welcome speech on behalf of Hebei academy; deputy director Xiong Wei expressed the requests for the project management on behalf of the program management authority. Sun Shiyou, the project chief, reported the project progress in 2018 and the overall arrangements in the year 2019, while the subprojects leaders provided the detailed information of implementation. Project tracking expert Liu Baocun and others reached the consensus that the project achieved the following highlight works: developed land preparation seeding machine with deep scarification and separated layer fertilization; developed integrated management machine with straw smashing, bio-fertilizer applying and mixing; developed new type of integrated liquid fertilizing seeder; the next step is to evaluate the effect, cost and benefit of the technology and products on a regional scale. The meeting also invited Prof. Ma Lin and Prof. Li Xiaofang to give presentations.

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